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IRI Measurement

IRI Measurement

[BumpRecorder] It is a service that IRI, Cracking rate can be measured easily, convenient and high quality by simply fixing the smartphone to the car. When you measure the vibration of a running vehicle with a smartphone app and upload it to our server, you can check it on the map of Web analytics service site in about 10 minutes.

Patrol Daily Report

Patrol Daily Report

[Photo Report] Visual inspection and record of work can be recorded easily with photos of smartphones or GPS. The work record can be output as a daily report. Combined with BumpRecorder, you can patrol and display where you worked in the daily report.

Sensor/GPS Data Analysis

We are conducting analysis and consulting of various vibration data and position information as well as road surface properties. Traffic situation based on GPS information, sudden braking analysis, etc. are also possible. Please feel free to contact us.

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Since 2011/3, total measurement distance is 4,712,850 km.

Our Activity

BumpRecorder support the improvement of responding ability to the aging problem by watching the road infrastructure on a daily basis and aim to quickly grasp the situation of the disaster after the earthquake. We provide cloud-type services that can be used easily. We have already accumulated and accumulated steps of roads totaling over 3.4 million kilometers and you can check the unevenness of the road immediately after starting service use.

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