Response type roughness measurement and cracking detection method by using smartphone

This is a paper of WCPAM (World Conference on Pavement and Asset Management) 2017.
It was held at Baveno, Italy at 2017 June 12-16.

For pavement maintenance management, cracking, rut and roughness are important issues. In recent years, with the spread of smartphone, response type measurement method was developed, and it was starting to use actual evaluation at local governments. In this paper, at first it will be discussing of response type roughness measurement technology and measurement repeatability. In detail, it is using developed IRI class 2 method named BumpRecorder which calculate longitudinal profile first, then it calculate IRI by quarter car simulation. Data were recorded whole Japan from 2011 until now, that were more than 1,400,000 km long. Using this data, measurement repeatability and relationship of driving speed and IRI will be reported.

On the other hand, road cracking is more significant issue. But previously, it was difficult to measure by response type method. In this paper, response type cracking detection method will be proposed. It is only using smartphone but not using other sensors. Detection principle and detection result will be reported.

In addition, for roughness and cracking evaluation, section determination are important. Previously, kilo post marker were used for section determination. But it spend long time and much many to make kilo post data. In this paper, “Square Mesh Section” will be proposed. It is determined by latitude and longitude. Using this section, only collecting GPS data, it will be determined same section under repeated measurement. It will be reducing data collection and analysis costs.

Technical Paper [ PDF ]