IRF -Preliminary report for IRI changes after KUMAMOTO earthquake-

The IRF 2nd Asia Regional Congress was held at 2016.10.19.
My presentation paper “Preliminary report for IRI changes after KUMAMOTO earthquake Japan, by using Smartphone roughness measurement” is as follows.

The Kumamoto earthquake was occurred in Japan on April 14th 2016. After this earthquake, road damage investigation was done that is roughness condition IRI measurement over 3,000km roads. This preliminary report is written for this investigation results.
As for this IRI measurement, response type measurement was done by using a smartphone built-in an accelerometer / GPS and a commercially available car, instead of the inertial profiler. This method is simple, easy and low-cost. So it can immediately measure IRI of whole disaster areas under the damaged rougher road. Measurement results are drawn on online maps. It includes roughness current status and comparison with past status before an earthquake.

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