Our Solution

Our application is based on the Android platform ensuring usability across majority of handsets available.

Our target users include not limited to civil works engineers, architects, consultants and technology enthusiasts.

Based on car acceleration data, we estimate the suspension of the tire ( Longitudinal Profile) by running the Smartphone Axle. This makes it possible to obtain more accurate results even at different speeds and using different vehicle models.

Users can calculate “flatness” which is one of Japan’s road management indicators, as well as “IRI (International Roughness Index)” which is a global road management index. Road  concavity and convexity can be determined too.

This facilitates data storage and retrieval enabling routine inspection of road infrastructure.

We have a rich experience gaining accumulating road improvement data covering 3,432,780 kilometers. 

Company Profile

company name Bump recorder Co., Ltd.
Business contents
  1. Research and development of systems related to the maintenance and management of social infrastructure and provision and sale of these results
  2. Research and development relating to Intelligent Transportation Systems and provision and sale of these results
  3. Research and development of systems related to disaster response, provision and sale of these results
Composition of officers Representative Director, Koichi Yagi
Director, Hotaka Makiuchi
Establishment October 23, 2013
Capital 5,000,000 yen (100% own funds)
location Akabane 1-59-6 Wako Akabane 102 [ Access ] in Kita-ku, Tokyo 115-0045
TEL 03-6454-4255
FAX 03-6369-4618


Organization History

July 2007 After the Niigataken Chuetsu-Oki Earthquake, we used a GPS, a pedometer and a microcomputer board to record the number of up and down of the car, so observing the distribution of the road level difference that occurred after the earthquake as the predecessor “Developed at the surveillance system research group. “
2009 We began developing the road surface observation application using smartphone (iPhone).
February 2011 With the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, we developed Android smartphone application “Bump Recorder”, released on Android Market (now Google Play).
March 2011 Tohoku district Pacific coast earthquake occurred.
Observation of the Tohoku region using “BumpRecorder”. Observation of 4,600 km in 2 months after the earthquake.
June 2011 At the workshop of “Japan Android Association Saitama branch”, volunteers and voluntary groups were established. 

Group name is named “Smart Drive Meter Production Committee” with meanings such as meter related to driving using smartphone, meter pointing smart driving.

January 2013 Renamed Bump Recorder Production Committee
October 23, 2013 Bump Recorder Co., Ltd. established.
December 16, 2013 Representative Director, President Shinsei.

New President assumed Koichi Yagi, president of the bump recorder production committee.

Former president Kenji Sato assumed office as a director.