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BumpRecorderBumpRecorder => Leaflet
Innovative pavement inspection tool by use of Android Smartphone.

Place your smartphone tightly  on the vehicle dashboard.

Upload measured data, and IRI map will display on the Web map – BumpRecorder Web
It has 4,627,600 km IRI data

.. Take a photo and make a comment by using Android Smartphone.

Daily Report Will Print Out For The Patrol It Can Display On The Web Map – PhotoReport Web

GPS log analysis
When you have GPS logging data, we can help you analyse to evaluate safety driving e.g. sudden stop analysis.

Outline of the Bump Recorder

This When Recorded File Is Uploaded, Road Bump Can Be Detected. Road Can Not Be Used For Road Maintenance. Displayed By Following URL By On Your Browser.
Http://Smartprobe.Org/ Bumprecorder /

How to use?

1. Position the smartphone on the vehicle dashboard display side facing the driver. [Attention !!] We strongly recommend the smartphone be firmly fixed on the dashboard for your safety.

2. Press [Start] button, then road bump detection will be started. Drive the vehicle as usual .

3. Road bump size is displayed on the screen. [Attention !!] DO NOT look at the screen when driving for your own safety!

4. When measurement is complete, press [Stop] button.

5. To upload file / s , press [Upload and Share] button on the right side of the  screen, select file and upload. It takes few minutes.

6. While on the driving route, the bump location will be on the Google Maps. Circle diameter is defined by road bump size.

About data files

. Data Files As Follows When Upload Will Be Done, These Files Will Be Uploaded.
– Config File: Yyyymmdd_hhmmss_Config.Txt
Measurement Condition: Start Time, End Time, Measurement Cycle, Device Name, Etc
NOT Include Serial Number

– acceleration data file: yyyymmdd_hhmmss_Accel.txt
acceleration data, road profile, etc.

– GPS data file: yyyymmdd_hhmmss_GPS.txt
GPS information

– Bump data file: yyyymmdd_hhmmss_Bump.txt
Bump Height, Bump Length, etc.

– Cell tower data file: yyyymmdd_hhmmss_CellInfo.txt
MCC, MNC, LAC, RNC, Cell-ID, etc
NOT include phone number

Function Improvement

– Data file of running distance under 0.1 [km] long can not upload, because it can not draw the map.
– Increase calculation speed.

– User Interface is changed.
– Bump “shadow” is reduced before / after actual Bump.
– Plural data can be uploaded at same time.